Protecting Your Public Cloud Against Data Breaches

Organizations are no longer moving to the cloud; they’re already there. But with the shift to the cloud come greater risks: public cloud breaches are more expensive, more damaging, and take longer to detect and mitigate.

This is not because the public cloud is less secure than on-prem, but because of the special characteristics of the public cloud which require different protection against different threats.

Join us on September 23rd (3 available times to join) for a special 30-minute webcast to learn why data breaches in the cloud are more damaging, what the unique threats facing the cloud are, and how to protect against these threats.


Date: Thursday, September 23

3 Available Sessions:
1:00 pm HKT (Hong Kong, UTC+8)
9:00 am BST (London, UTC+1)
2:00 pm EDT (New York, UTC-4)


Eyal Arazi
Radware Solutions Expert